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is a nature writer, who has published two poetry collections, an anthology of tree poems (Into the Forest), a book about paper and two novels about bears, one of which won the Robin Jenkins Literary Award. In 2015 she has a Creative Scotland Award enabling her to finish her third novel, which is based on a historical account of an amazing journey by Pytheas the Greek, an intrepid traveller who made it all the way from the Mediterranean to Assynt (and beyond), about 300 years BC.


Crafting & farming in the Sutherland in the North West Highlands for over 35 years, Russell Pursey uses acid dyes to create strong, colourful impressions on silk scarves, ties, & sarongs.

Bridie Pursey spins many natural shades of wool from their Shetland flock, has hanks of yarn for sale, and knits hats & scarves, (plus sweaters to order). Using yarn dyed by Russell, she also makes brightly coloured headwear.

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produces traditional hand made jams & preserves incorporating many ingredients grown in Assynt.

Amongst the product range is Single Malt Scotch Whisky Marmalade, Plum, Raspberry & Apple Jam, and Apple, Sage & Onion Chutney.

Alongside these you will find freshly baked bread, sauces, salts & oils, free range eggs, and hand picked seasonal veg.

The Culkein Store now has a new Jammery & Craft Shop in Culkein Store.


is an independent yarn dyeing business based in the
North West Highlands of Scotland. Helen Lockhart hand-dyes all the yarn herself, gathering her inspiration from the colours, landscapes and
traditions surrounding her home in the crofting community of Assynt.
The yarns are dyed in small batches and the colour combinations are many and varied, from multiple shades to simpler variations in colour. Helen
loves her work, enjoying the creativity and thriving on the sense of connection with her customers, many of whom return time and time again
to acquire hanks of yarn which are unique and individually dyed.


A collaboration among local crofters,

Andrea Kant, Sue Jack, Jorine van Delft & Clarinda Chant.

“I enjoy exploring how to express my ideas and experiences of living in Assynt through the craft products that I make.

These are varied in nature from both (abstract) photographs inspired by what I see around me to a range of woollen products using colours and textures I associate with this landscape.

In amongst this diversity I particularly enjoy playfully making small felted sheep from local wool as a memento for visitors and locals of what it is to drive on roads in this area.”

Andrea Kant, Clashnessie

“My work changes as I develop new ideas and it is all inspired by the landscape, sea and sky that I am surrounded by at home in Stoer!”    

Sue Jack - Glass Artist


See a wide range of hand thrown functional and decorative ceramics for use in the kitchen and on the table. The work is made from stoneware and porcelain clays and is sustainably wood fired and salt glazed, robust and suitable for dishwasher and oven.The choice of colours is influenced by the vibrant greens, blues and natural tones within the Sutherland landscape and the rich and variegated surfaces decorated by the passage of the flame through the kiln.

Fergus Stewart trained in Scotland and has worked, taught and exhibited internationally for thirty years and regularly teaches workshops and projects in pottery making and design and wood-fired kiln construction and design for colleges and ceramics organisations and individuals.  


Chris carves a variety of wooden crafts and utensils such as spoons, bowls and candle holders using wood from local trees including birch, hazel, willow and rowan.

Using traditional hand tools and carving the wood whilst still ‘green’, Chris endeavours to produce pieces with a distinctive character and rustic nature, retaining the bark in places to add colour, contrast and depth.

All wood is sourced locally and from sustainably coppiced trees, windblown trees or those cut down along roadsides or under power lines. Natural oils are used to protect them so that they are as environmentally friendly as possible.